Arcus Exos Traveller Eclispe

Explore the world in style with the Exos Traveller - the ultimate travel companion.  Featuring our new Caliber AW330 - a Swiss Sellita SW330 movement engineered and modified by Arcus, you can adjust the hour hand without stopping the watch. Embrace seamless timekeeping without the hassles of synchronization. Let the hour hand hop positions as you traverse time zones, ensuring your watch remains in perfect sync with your adventures. The Exos Traveller Eclipse redefines convenience, precision, and style for the modern wanderer. 

The artistry of craftsmanship shines in the Exos Traveller, reflecting a dedication to detail and precision. Despite being a part of a limited series, each timepiece embodies a unique touch of artisanal workmanship, ensuring it is truly one-of-a kind. These watches exude elegance, making them exceptional pieces for discerning collectors who seek the allure of a hand made product. 

Arcus Exos Traveller Eclipse · USD 1250$

Limited Edition - 10 pcs


USD 1250$ - Tracked Shipping Incl.

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Customer Testimonials

"Hi Raf:

I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the Exos I received yesterday, and give you my personal feedback in the hopes that it helps you thrive - which you richly deserve to do.

The case and dial of the Exos are really spectacular. As somebody that has turned into a collector mostly  by being seduced by photos of watches on the internet, I would say that Exos is the rare watch that wears better than it looks on-line. Prior to having the watch in hand, I was especially impressed with the subtle  indicator design, but shared the opinion of the Worn and Wound review that wanted more dimension to the hands. Once I was physically handling the Exos, though, I didn't feel that this was the case at all - the hands have an almost ghostly quality that is perfect. You have made an extremely elegant watch that looks fantastic on the wrist.

I also thought that the movement alterations might qualify as gimmicky. I mean, how hard is it to set a watch to the correct time zone? The way you have done this, though, isn't gimmicky at all. It seems completely natural, and made me wonder why this isn't a common complication. I've had trouble explaining why being able to set the hour hand independently while the watch runs is a handy feature, but that's just through lack of communication skills on my part. Once you actually set the watch yourself, you realize what a useful and pleasing feature this is.

I did change the strap, and knew I would prior to purchase. I can see why you went with the green strap - color wheel theory is real, and green absolutely brings out the purple of the dial. For me, though - and maybe I read too many comic books in my youth - those shades of purple and green scream The Joker or The Hulk. I went with a black leather strap with no visible stitching and less of a taper (I work with my hands, bigger sized wrist, less taper looks better). In my opinion, the subduing the purple with a conservative strap adds to the elegant allure of the design. These are, of course, personal preferences, but I thought you might want to hear them. 

Finally, as a matter of trivia, my grandfather was an engraver and part owner of a jewelry store on Stephen Avenue (he always called it 8th Avenue) in Calgary in the 1950's. He had a fascination with time pieces, and I'm sure he would be ecstatic that such interesting work was being done in his hometown. And - more trivia - my girlfriend loves the Exos and has already named it (her?) Dr. Who. As in "Time" and "Traveler."

I wish you all the best moving forward. I'm thrilled with my purchase, and very much look forward to your future projects."

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