2 Year International Warranty

Our watches are covered by an international warranty for two years from the shipping date. If your watch develops a mechanical problem within this period, Arcus Watches will fix it for free. The following issues are not covered by the warranty:

Please note that a service completed by anyone other than by Arcus Watches will void the warranty. The warranty is fully transferable provided the new owner can provide the warranty card.

For all warranty inquiries please send an email to info@arcuswatch.com with your watch's serial number in the subject line.

Out of Warranty Servicing

We know buying a watch is a big deal, and Arcus Watches is committed to keeping your watches running in top condition throughout their lifetime. When the warranty period is over and it is time to service your watch, we are pleased to offer servicing at our Calgary workshop. Please contact us at info@arcuswatch.com for a quote.

Quality Control

We understand the added value of good quality control. On top of the 2 year international warranty, we are putting in measures to ensure transparency in each step of our quality assurance process before delivery. 

For our modified movements, the first step will be to ensure dimensional correctness of the manufactured parts, and make sure their surface finish is adequate

Next, all movements undergo their first round of adjustments and regulation in our shop in Calgary. When we are satisfied with their performance, the watches will be assembled entirely. Again there will be an aesthetic assessment to ensure no dirt or dust got cased up, and that the finish of the cases remains perfect. Finally the movements will be checked again, and re-regulated as needed before they undergo a 14 day testing period. All watches that complete the test period successfully will only then be released for shipping to the customer.