The Tropos is our first release at Arcus Watches. Learn more about the caliber AR-01.

Arcus Tropos · Monopusher

CAL AR-01 · 39mm · White

CAL AR-01 · 39mm · Black


Independent reviews of the Arcus Tropos from Worn and Wound and more.

What is a monopusher chronograph?

Most chronographs are operated with two pushers found on the side of the case at about 2 and 4 o'clock. The top button controls the start/stop functions of the chronograph and the bottom one resets the mechanism to zero. A monopusher however, does the whole sequence with one single button : Start->Stop->Reset. While perhaps less practical, it is a throwback to the heritage of chronograph mechanisms that existed before the two button mechanism was invented by Breitling in 1934. It also makes for a very unique addition to any watch collection!

If it's less practical, why bother making it?

From day one we want to show that at Arcus, we are watchmakers. The Tropos collection gives us an opportunity to showcase our in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities to show that we are different than other microbrands. Our primary goal is to demonstrate that a high price tag is not always necessary to get a unique piece of horology. By setting the bar high for ourselves now, it motivates us to do even more in the future. Click here learn more about our in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities.

Why use the Seagull ST-19?

The most common question we get is why we put so much effort into modifying a Chinese built movement. There are actually three practical considerations behind our decision:

The first was to keep the sales price down. Had we used anything swiss made, that would've pushed costs well north of $1,000 USD. Hardly affordable...

The next was the size. The primary complaint about all entry level monopushers we saw was that a 14mm+ case thickness was too bulky. The ST-19 allowed us to create a nicely proportioned watch that's only 12.50mm thick!

Finally, it's a really good and robust movement! Good quality control will ensure delivery of a watch that will last for years to come. While there are several common issues with the chronograph mechanism, they are often very simple to rectify and are only the result of poor adjustment. To learn more, please see this article about the ST-19 that we've put together to explain how the movements fail, and why it happens.

To learn more about the quality control tests all our watches must pass before delivery, please see the Warranty page.

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